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Cartoonised image of Matthew Pulis

Following a career as a GIS software developer and analyst, and having obtained a Masters specialisation in Geographic Information Systems, I decided to join the Archbishop’s Seminary in Malta to be formed into the Catholic Priesthood. I was ordained a priest on 27th April 2019. Following my studies in Digital Theology at the CODEC research centre, Durham University, I am now reading for a PhD at the University of Malta.

As a Practical Theological exercise, my research aims to provide a theological framework in order to be able to develop a common language to dialogue with the Maltese Generation Z (Gen Z). Through a constructivist mixed-methodology approach, the youths themselves will be protagonists in formulating the Church’s pastoral engagement with them.

I shall be applying a quantitative questionnaire which shall be followed by face-to-face open-ended interviews and subsequently focus groups. This will enable me to understand their existential and spiritual needs, allowing me to formulate a pastoral language, to enculture the Gospel to address their specific needs. 

Prior to the seminary, I was working at Newgrove Ltd (UK), which followed a stint at the Lotteries and Gaming Authority, Malta as the Supervising Monitoring Officer. My responsibilities included monitoring the operation of all the licensees which fall under the Maltese Jurisdiction.