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PhD Digital Pastoral Theology – Malta

2020 –

As a Practical Theological exercise, this study aims to provide a theological framework in order to be able to develop a common language to dialogue with the Maltese Generation Z (Gen Z). Through a constructivist mixed-methodology approach, the youths themselves will be protagonists in formulating the Church’s pastoral engagement with them.

I shall be applying a quantitative questionnaire which shall be followed by face to face open-ended interviews and subsequently focus groups. This will enable me to understand their existential and spiritual needs, allowing me to formulate a pastoral language, to enculture the Gospel to address their specific needs.

Proposal is linked here

MA Digital Theology – Durham, UK

​2018 – 2019

CODEC’s Masters in Digital Theology is the first degree of its kind across the world. It is delivered through a research centre at one of the world’s top one hundred universities, linked to a department ranked number 3 in the world. The Masters Degree offers a new opportunity for theological reflection on digital culture and its impact on contemporary religious practice – especially within the context of Christianity.

A summary of the dissertation was published in the peer-reviewed journal Theology and Ministry

Dissertation itself is linked here

S.Th.B – Malta

2012 – 2018

This five-year full-time professional degree is intended to empower students to develop new insights and ideas as to how academic theology can be at the service of the Church and the world. We were exposed to various approaches concerning religion, spirituality, society and ethics. This programme of study, which I completed with a First Class Honors, seeks to emphasise the convergence between faith, ministry and life, enabling one to be always prepared to give an answer to those who ask for the reason of the hope there is within. Mid-way through the course, I graduated also with a First Class B.A. Honors in Theology with a subsidiary area: Philosophy.

MSc Informatics – Malta

2006 – 2009

My Masters by research thesis tackled Geospatial studies, with regards to Location Based Services. The thesis studied the analysis and development of a new GIS relating to transport (GIS-T). Several routing algorithms were studied and analysed and the adaptation of a routing algorithm was developed in order to provide a routing algorithm which favours fuel saving as well as shortest route. Such route can be computed by manipulating weather conditions, road network, traffic status, vehicle specification data and road gradient. This study also provides neighbouring techniques for emergency response teams, so as to traverse the shortest route to an accident.

Link to dissertation

​BSc Business & Computing – Malta

2002 – 2005

The degree covers knowledge in Information Systems Engineering with a view to enhance Business Standards. The emphasis of the degree is on integrating Information Systems with Information Technology within Business strategy analysis and operations with a view to reengineering business process and adding value to business operations. The primary skill required from the degree is the ability to communicate ideas to both business and technical personnel. As an I.S. professional I pride myself in having interpersonal and analytical skills, be a good organizer and have a proactive mentality in understanding new opportunities which I.S. technology offers in business.

For a more in-depth CV kindly proceed to here.